Why Yae Miko is worth your effort

Yae Miko, a 5-star Electro catalyst user, has high sustained and high burst damage. Although she’s skilled in both types of damage dealing, it is not an exceptional skill, which is understandable for game balance. Her kit is greatly aided by Electro’s ability to deal damage, particularly considering the high energy cost of Elemental Burst. On my news fit you can learn more.

It is not surprising that Raiden Shogun works well with her, both story-wise and gameplay-wise. Raiden is already a powerful and flexible Electro battery that covers most of Yae Mikos’ weaknesses. This allows Raiden to activate Electro Resonance, which increases the energy yield for the team they are in.

Yae Miko, a catalyst user can be used to support a wide range of characters. She can buff their carries and inflict a fair amount of DPS with her Elemental Skill. The Tenacity of Millelith artifact collection can be used to her advantage, which works in perfect synergy with her Elemental Skill. She can also equip The Thrilling Tales Of Dragon Slayers as a support weapon.

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