Holidays for Supported Learning Disabilities – Promoting Independence

Holidays are all about freedom, adventure, and fun. And with the incredible number of supported holiday options, people with learning disabilities are able to experience new activities, meet new friends, and most importantly, be themselves. These are factors that can often be difficult with mainstream holidays. If you are looking for quality disability support services anywhere and under any circumstances, you can find them on disability service providers Melbourne.

About Holidays in Supported Learning Disability

There is something for everyone. The best way to arrange holidays is through a specialist provider. These specialists understand that everyone’s circumstances are unique and will offer the appropriate support with carefully planned programs. These programs create a safe and supportive environment that promotes self-confidence, independence, new skills, and overall well-being.

Many companies offer support services. Some provide 24-hour care with on-site nursing staff and one to one assistance. Others are more focused towards mild learning disabilities. For guidance, one care assistant is assigned for each 3-5 adults. A home visit is often provided to newcomers prior to their first holiday. This allows staff the opportunity to handle holiday requests and create a support plan.

The majority of supported holidays include accommodation, flights, meals, and transfers. Some companies can even pick up from the home and drop it off. Carers are available to help with paperwork, passports, luggage, and the payment of holiday money.

The cost of supported holidays varies depending on the level and complexity of the care required. Weekly UK trips start around PS400 per individual.

Financial Assistance

Low-income families and those with children with disabilities may be eligible for grants towards the cost of a holiday. Some charities provide assistance with holiday expenses or run holiday programs. Some might even own a vacation home. A few specialists agents work on an unprofit basis. This keeps the costs of learning disability holidays low and the clients’ expenses down. Contact your local Social Services Department. They will be able to help you find available funding and tell you about charities.

Travel Insurance

It is advisable that you purchase a policy that includes caregiver coverage if your holiday is dependent on a carer. This means that if the carer is unable travel, and the person with the disabilities cancels, the holiday costs can be reimbursed. Many agents offer their travel insurance program. There should be no reason to deny coverage for someone with a learning impairment.