Men and Earrings, It’s Not An Oxymoron

Earrings aren’t only for women, as many believed. The ability to make plain Janes look like a model can be achieved by simple, elegant studs and hoops in different colors. The mens earrings were considered an artistic form in ancient times. This is apparent in 19th century engraved images displaying pictures of Persian-American men sporting earrings. Other regions, including Egypt and India, saw religious leaders and kings wearing earrings. Assyria was also a popular place for men to wear earrings, as it indicated their social status.

Once upon a time, earrings for men were used to protect from evil spirits. These ancient customs show why silver and Gold hoops are so beloved by men. Earlobes were the first place that man tried body piercing. In Austria, a Glacier found the oldest mummified remains on the planet in 1991. The tests revealed that the body was more over 5000 year old. It had ears with holes that were seven to 11mm in size.

The western world’s fascination for earrings can be traced back at least to the 1920s in Western Europe. Earpiercing was popularized in the west for men’s earrings around the mid-20th century. Ear piercing was previously done with a safety needle to create holes in one’s ear. Nowadays, ear guns can be used to insert earrings into one’s ears. Also, the 1980s saw men’s jewelry become more fashionable as famous entertainers, musicians, and athletes began to wear them. Two types of men’s earrings exist: studs & hoops.

When ear piercing began to become popular for men, many were only seen with one stud in each ear. Males wearing studs and hoops in their ears was considered taboo at the time. Nowadays, you’d be amazed at the number of men who have more holes in his ears than some women. Some people believe that men’s earrings are an indication of homosexuality. Many heterosexual males love to wear earrings. Earpiercing is an almost universal practice for men and ladies. In the west, however, some consider it to have a sexual connotation.