SCIENCE and Faith: In Search of God

Science and religion can be treated in the same way that oil and water are treated. They cannot blend because we are now led to believe that religion may be a form of subjective fundamental perception while scientific research is objectively verifiable. In the following paragraphs I describe how science and faith can be mixed and how the concept of God has sensible worth, provided that it is considered part of our lives. Scientists may find it difficult to believe there’s some wise, old male or female in heaven who is keeping watch over everything. But scientists can not deny the amazing consciousness and intelligence that exists in every day life, within nature, and within us. It is not becoming a scientist, that makes us spiritual. If you are new to this sacred and life-changing medicine and how it can help you, you can check it out on Ayahuasca Healings

Over the past hundreds of decades, our minds have been obsessed with questions about God. Is He/She actually real? Why do we seek God? Do all religions have the same God? Why are there so many spiritual wars? Is it possible to find a place like heaven or Hell? What was our life before? What will be our new everyday living? Are you able to see the exact same detail in your upcoming lifestyle as in your earlier lifestyle?

For hundreds of centuries, prophets and religious leaders have been preaching the existence of God, hell, or heaven. Tens to millions of people hold this belief. Many people are forced to reevaluate religious doctrines and tenets by the technological revolution and scientific advancements of this century. Are we to believe in development, or should evolution be trusted? Is it necessary to believe in God’s court and heaven, when we see up in the sky, or should we have faith only in the room, stars, and galaxies? I hope this information provides a fresh insight into your mysteries concerning God, hells, heaven, and the rebirth. And that it leaves you wiser and tranquil.

What is God exactly?

The greatest discovery of the human would be in the philosophy and/or institute of God. God isn’t a bodily item. It is in fact a state and thought. God is the Electromagnetic pulse containing energy that provides life and existence for all. Our consciousness/soul contains a part of God. The great prophets and religious Scriptures all affirm that God is present everywhere. God is always with us wherever we are. Bernie Siegel, the creator of love Drugs & Miracles, explains exactly that God is in every one of us. This means that God is a spirit within all of us. The rich, poor, royalty, the subject and the religious, as well the atheist and sinner. This is in line with the beliefs of Christians who say that we are all ideas of God. Ideas are born from the divine intellect. Only humans (Homo sapiens), from the animal kingdom, are blessed enough to possess a powerful mind and feel the presence in their head of spirit. It is through the recognition of that spirit that we can experience spiritual living or the realization God. Persons who are completely illuminated realize that God is within their most core and deepest parts of themselves. God is not beyond the world. God will be the entire world. So philosophically, God can be described as a State or Head. Or it could be our brain, God! OR God is actually a spirit/consciousness electricity that exists inside each of our bodies! Don’t be alarmed if you get confused Continue reading!