Mobile Pressure Washing & City Contracts

Many pressure washing companies use government contacts to make their money. These municipal contracts can be obtained easily, but the government still needs to be cleaned up. You can check on the available contracts for cleaning around March to see what’s coming up. Check out which departments will have budget money available. Visit the heads of local departments to get the details. Local cities can waste money, and it is worth your while to get some. If you find this unacceptable, don’t hesitate to donate some money to a candidate promising to cut some fat next year.

Because all the heads of different departments communicate with each other, and sometimes the procurement staff at the county are first-name basis with the city’s purchasing departments, you are more likely get county contracts after you have obtained city contracts. You can also get county government contracts, school district contracts and park district contracts if you use the city name as a reference.

Excellent fleet accounts include trash trucks and police cars. You won’t be charged with speeding or parking violations if you wash police vehicles. You also know everyone in the police force. If a cop in black and white wave at you in busy intersections, that is an indication you must be good guys. What about all the vehicles the city owns? There are many things to wash: building safety, code enforcement and buses. Equally important is being an approved vendor at county level. When developing a strategy marketing plan for your business, you should consider this information. If you’re going to be in cleaning, you might as well clean up first the city hall and then the county. You should think about it.

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