Can you put fear aside to be your best?

Did you ever feel scared of trying something new? Doubting your abilities, doubting yourself unique gifting, and sudden paralysis from fear can all stop you becoming the best version yourself. Fear can take away our power and keep us in our comfort zones. Some people like to be content in their comfort zones, while others desire to do more, have greater control, and be more.

Do you feel scared? Do you feel fear? There are many reasons you might feel fearful. Although fear can be beneficial in certain situations, it can make you feel restricted in many other areas of your life and even in your own personal relationships. Now that I am older, I realize how scared I was as a kid.

Perhaps as an adult. Fear was something I experienced, though it may have been for different reasons than you. Maybe you can relate some of my experiences. I recall feeling scared that no one would like or respect me. I was also afraid of being bullied (although, it is interesting), and I was scared of not being able to get good grades at school. I recall feeling scared crossing a pedestrian bridge in case the driver pulled up suddenly and turned on me. I was afraid of certain spirit beings from an early age. (Note, I only saw’some’ of them. Another interesting point. At around 8 or 9, I remember talking to my mom about the fear of dying. This was a fascinating conversation that I had at such an early age and set me on a path to discovery. After my mom gave me Doris Stokes, I found life much less frightening. I was still afraid for those crossing drivers!

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